Mortgage & Individual Protection

Your greatest asset could be your ability to earn

We take great care to insure valuable items around us – whether it’s cars, pets or mobile phones, but if something were to happen to you or your partner – how long could you continue to pay the bills for?

Here at IMP Mortgage & Protection Advice, our aim is to protect you from all that life can throw your way. We listen to your exact requirements and recommend a range of policies that can help give peace of mind and protect you should the worst happen.

We can help protect you with some of the following eventualities –

  • Losing an income if out of work
  • Keeping the bills paid during a critical illness
  • Protecting your family if you or your partner dies

There’s a whole raft of protection available, we listen to your needs and guide you through suitable options on what you can do to protect your family. Book an appointment today.

Availability and cost of cover is subject to criteria such as age, lifestyle, current health and medical history.

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